How to ensure a perfect fit

The rule of thumb is pedigree whippet girls will fit medium size and pedigree whippet boys will fit the large size. Of course there are always whippets who challenge this.

The measurements required are:

A: The base of neck to base of tail

B: The girth at deepest part of the chest

C: The circumference of base of the neck

Medium coats suit whippets with a measurement

A: 45-50cm

Large coats suit whippets with a measurement

A: 55-65cm

If you are unsure what size to order, or your whippet measures in between sizes, please contact me 

at with your three measurements and I will confirm the best fit for your whippet.

** Please note that we do not recommend whippets be run off leash while wearing our coats, they are fine for the start of a leash walk. Whippets, just like us, can get very warm when exercising and can easily overheat.**


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